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I am going to make an update of things going for my business! I will keep everyone up to date with new events, products and deals I am offering! I will also be doing Facebook page specials.  "like" our page! :)

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I'm going to be a "BIG SISTER!"


I applied to Big Brothers Big Sisters program a few months ago and I am officially accepted to the program as of last week! I went through an online application, phone interview, in person interview and did a small assessment test and that's it, short and sweet!! The rest of the work is up to them for now! To become a "Big" volunteer I can not tell you how EXCITED I am to meet my little. My case worker is working hard to find the perfect match for me and my little! I am so excited to do great things and teach her to be just an all around great person. I am most excited about experiencing new things and hopefully making a better future for her! I can not wait to go rollerskating, go to the movies and see all those kids movies I won't look like a weirdo now ;) and so many other cool things I have planned! I learned there are 391 Littles in the greater flint area in the BBBS program and they need more volunteers to fill "Big" shoes! If you want a buddy to accompany you with fun adventures maybe my little and I can come with you! They only require 4-6 hours A MONTH for hanging out with your little, and the days and adventures are up to you! It is such a good program and there are so many kids #391waiting to be exact! If you can help in any way I am sure they would highly appreciate it! I will keep you updated with pictures and stories of our adventures!

 I can't wait to meet my new best friend!

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What should I tell me photographer before my wedding?


There are MANY questions a photographer might/SHOULD have before booking. Just a few most commonly asked questions will be mentioned here.


This seems like it would be an obvious one but this could be as simple as telling the photographer the address of all your locations, but I feel it is more than that. When a client tells me the address I then proceed to ask many questions about lighting, set up and room for movement. Some locations could be warm lighting and tight fit so you need to be prepared for that!So if you contact your photographer and they do not already ask you some detailed questions, let them know, that way they are prepared for the situation!


Let the photographer know what your budget is (keep it open for suggestions from the photographer as well) this gives the photographer an idea of what you are expecting to pay for our services. If you want "ceremony only" or 10 hours plus an after party, you need to tell them right away so they can get a good estimate for you. That way they can know what to expect and the photographer knows what to budget for and prepare for. I personally like building personalized packages around their budgets, then I will add on different options for a second package then send it all and the bride and groom can figure out which one works best for them!


Please let the photographer know that your neice and Uncle Jim being together in one photo is a MUST HAVE photo. We won't know who is who until the day of or when they will arrive or when they will leave, if you know that there are photographs you have to have, send them in a list before the wedding and when you arrive introduce the photographer to some family and maybe tell them to introduce the photographer to the specific family members you need pictures taken of. It will help out immensely!!


Tell them a schedule you can follow as well, give the photographer a little break down of what time you be arriving and leaving areas. Such as arriving at the ceremony location, then what time it is said to end, etc. This way the photographer can prepare their equipment for each event and will be ready to give you the best quality possible!


If your best man of the bridal party plans to do a stunt on the dance floor announce this to the photographer just so they will know when to be ready for something unexpected at the reception, or maybe just "keep an eye on the best man at the first dance." Any unlisted plans on the itinerary please let them know ASAP so they will know this is a must have photo and they will be prepared! It helps out a lot!!

"Being A Part Of Axel's Life So Far 02/05/15

I had the pleasure of being part of my first birth session February 5th, 2015! Charlotte and Zach invited me to be a part of their experience when she was only a few weeks pregnant. Since I have taken photos of all the important events in their life thus far, engagement and wedding, they said it only made sense I was present during their first son’s birthday! I later took a gender reveal session with them, which was a blast loaded with blue paint! I then took another maternity session with a twist where Charlotte did what she does best, WORKED IT! She was a beautiful preggers pinup model, we had SUCH a good time laughing with all the funny poses she could (and couldn’t) get into! I was seriously honored to be a part of something so memorable! The day of the birth session was a great experience overall! I know some things did not go as planned, including me ending up in the psyche ward floor after a nurse told me to go this way at the hospital, the water birth having to be moved to the bed and the new proud parents having to stay a little longer than expected, but it was overall such a beautiful day! Thank You so much for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful thing! I really look forward to many more birth sessions from future clients and hopefully from this new set of wonderful parents again! ;)

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  • Emily Lucarz

    on March 1, 2015

    oh my goodness these are so fun!

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